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Our Aims

Alvechurch Village Society (AVS) aims to enrich life for residents and visitors, by preserving and enhancing the beauty and character of Alvechurch and its surrounding villages in North Worcestershire.

The Society organises ...

  • Evening talks in Alvechurch Village Hall. Recent speakers have included broadcaster Joanne Malin and local landscape gardener and presenter of UKTV's Heaven's Garden, Hannah Genders.
  • Guided family-friendly walks along our attractive and varied Parish footpaths.
  • Environmental improvements including litter picks and planting thousands of daffodil bulbs.

... and campaigns actively to protect the Green Belt, monitor planning developments, reduce traffic speeds and make the village cleaner. The Society has nearly 290 members, many of whom are actively involved in local community issues.

Read more details in the latest annual report .

Why not join Alvechurch Village society and ...

take an active part in your local community. We have a strong voice on planning issues in the parish but we are not just about planning - we organise social events, improve the village environment and run entertainments and talks programmes plus we have regular countryside maintenance groups for those who fancy something a little more active, and of course we have a strong co-operation with all the other parish activities.

Our Membership Form can be found here.

Follow this link to view or download the full 2013-2014 programme. This is a pdf file of the leaflet and you will need Adobe Acrobat or a similar program to be able to read it. If you do not have such a program then your browser may ask you whether you want to download and install a free reader. Sharp eyes picked out a rare botanical specimen ... the Good Friday Flower, also known as The Town Clock Flower because its small flower faces in four different directions.

Skirting the Upper Bittell reservoir was hazardous in deep mud ... so imagine the joy of arriving at Barnt Green Sailing Club and finding tea and homemade cakes with comfortable chairs to watch the boats on the lake! Crossing the reservoir dam with its carpet of cowslips, the final leg of the walk followed the canal towpath to Aqueduct Lane, up Cooper's Hill, then down to Withybed Green, where the views from the bench erected in gratitude to Forest Hansen were stunning. The ten hour walk ended at St Laurence's, where final Rogation prayers were said and certificates presented to the 26 walkers who'd battled their way round the full 17 miles. Then it was off to The Weighbridge for a well-deserved pint!

The Crown Inn is featured on a similar walk in Pub Walks in Worcestershire, by Richard Shurey (1993). Next to the Worcester & Birmingharn Canal, the pub dates at least to the first part of the 19th century when the canal was finished; The Crown provided accommodations for horses and bargees. The three storey houses just beyond it are 300 years old. Most of the others in the hamlet were built just before the turn of the century as dwellings for workers in the brick factory nearby to the south, defunct since just before World War II.

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Why you should come to church

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Parish Council

Alvechurch Parish Office is at the bottom of Bear Hill